Pusher - Cloud based Real Time Framework using HTML5 Websockets

Pusher is a cloud-based service that allows developers to quickly and easily add realtime functionality to our web and mobile apps. This means that people can create collaborative tools, multiplayer games, chat, realtime dashboards and much more.

It provides Publish/Subscribe model based on channels that allows you to filter and control how people receive your messages and authentication mechanisms for private channels, and presence functionality for keeping track of who's online.

Pusher uses WebSockets , which are now part of all modern browsers as a subset of the HTML5 , to add bi-directional communication to our apps,with 'fallback to Flash' in the JavaScript client library.

It has rich suite of libraries that or integrating realtime functionality in our applications, including a JavaScript client library for web and HTML5 apps and iOS,Android libraries for mobile.

1) Server Libraries
2) Client Libraries

You can refer tutorials here

It is free upto and 20 Connections and 100,000 Messages per day.
You can check other plan available @ http://pusher.com/pricing


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